Home the basic truth success stories! Immediate pain relief doing it right! #1 video massage #2 massage #3 colon cleanse the cradle the miracle exercise prostatitis milking bph bent penis male enhancement infection impotence ("ed") prostate orgasm the cause of ed mastrubation semen blood in semen sex self stimulation penis enlargement pill all about sperm silver water primitive diet about me news letter recent articles recent articles pg. 2 links [? ]subscribe to this site safely straightening a curved penis a curved penis is really quite simple to straighten. It just takes some time, persistence, and the right instrument. generic viagra online womens viagra for sale viagra online buy cheap viagra buy viagra online buy generic viagra buy cheap viagra buy generic viagra viagra without a doctor prescription buy viagra A penis may curve up, down, sideways, or in a combination of all directions. A bend in the penis and a simple curvature of the penis are often referred to as the same thing. But a "bend" is usually the term used for a much more sever penis curvature. A bend usually involves scar tissue, and is known as peyronies disease. A simple curvature almost never has scar tissue. Even peyronies disease can usually be completely resolved without surgery in the same way a simple curved penis is straightened. But, because of the more severe curve in peyronies disease, straightening takes a longer period of time. The curved penis a simple penis curve can be the result of minor scar tissue, genetics, or a constant pulling in a specific direction (as from masturbation, positioning, or constrictive clothing). A mild curve,that does not interfere with sexual function, is really not a problem. However, if a curved penis causes self esteem problems or embarrassment in the bedroom, it could well be worth taking the time to straighten it. The remedy for a curved penis is very simple and easy. Unlike expensive, unnecessary, and potentially dangerous penile surgeries, you can get ) the best medically approved curved penis straightener for about $300. It is all you will need to do the job safely and correctly. Why the erection curves the penis usually only takes it's curve upon erection. This is because: the part of the penis that is causing the curve has less skin than the rest of the penis. There is scar tissue on the penis. (which does not stretch as well as normal skin) part of the skin on the opposite side of the curve has been stretched out. (from constrictive clothing, constant positioning, or pulling) what about surgery? Surgery is really never necessary for straightening a curved penis. Penis surgery surgery would be the lazy or uninformed man's way. First, surgery for straightening a penis costs about $6000 - $9000! And worse, penile surgery carries many possible risks including but not limited to: pain, impotence, loss of sensation, inability to achieve or maintain a complete erection, inability to achieve orgasm, scarring (which could cause penis cu.

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