Ua-26408784-1 search menu search options advanced search search help home contact us access old springerlink sign up / log in sign up / log in institutional / athens login english deutsch corporate academic look inside get access find out how to access preview-only content close neurosurgical review 1991, volume 14, issue 4, pp 283-291 primary spinal malignant schwannoma: clinical, histological and cytogenetic findings josã© manuel valdueza, christian hagel, manfred westphal, marianne hã¤nsel, hans-dietrich herrmann … show all 5 hide look inside get access abstract of the 19 patients who presented between 1980 and 1990 to the department of neurosurgery, university of hamburg, f. R. G. With malignant schwannoma, 5 patients suffered from primary malignant spinal schwannoma (mean age 44 years, only one patient with von recklinghausen's disease). Here we report the clinical, histological, and cytogenetic features of the five cases with primary malignant spinal schwannoma and discuss the prognostic aspects of this rare tumor. Page %p close plain text look inside other actions export citations register for journal updates about this journal related content supplementary material (0) references (27) bigner sh, j mark, pc burger, ms mahaley, de bullard, lh muhlbaier, dd bigner: specific chromosomal abnormalities in malignant human gliomas. Cancer res 88 (1988) 323–325 brooks jj: malignant schwannomas with divergent differentiation including ‘triton’ tumor. In: williams cj et al. (eds. ): textbook of uncommon cancer, john wiley & sons ltd (1988) 653–668 ducatman bs, bw scheithauer, dg piepgras, hm reiman, dm ilstrup: malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumors. A clinicopathologic study of cxx cases. Cancer 57 (1986) 2006–2021 d'agostino an, eh soule, rh miller: primary malignant neoplasms of nerves (malignant neurilemomas) in patients without manifestations of multiple neurofibromatosis (von recklinghausen's disease). generic viagra no prescription buy viagra online buy viagra online overnight shipping medicaresupplementspecialists.com/pfz-100-mg-generic-viagra-np/ http://medicaresupplementspecialists.com/pfz-buy-cheap-viagra-mq/ viagra online viagra online canada viagra for sale buy cheap viagra pills online buy viagra online in the united states Cancer 16 (1963) 1003–1014 ghosh bc, l ghosh, ag hivos, jg fortner: malignant schwannoma. A clinicopathologic study. Cancer 31 (1973) 184–190 goldmann rl, se jones, rs heusinkveld: combination chemotherapy of metastatic malignant schwannoma with vincristine, adriamycin, cyclophosphamide, and.

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